How to Choose an International Tax Accountant?

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  2. February 16, 2013 6:32 pm

How to Choose an International Tax Accountant?

Choosing the Best International Tax Accountant

Any skilled business person knows that a good accountant can make all the difference. When you are operating in the international market, you will come to see that many different countries have different corporate tax rules. In some countries, you will pay a high percentage on both ordinary income and capital gains. In others, like the Bahamas, you will encounter a zero-percent tax rate. Finding a good accountant is key if you want to get all the best deductions and save the most money. What should you be looking for when you find yourself in this situation?

Experience matters
Good accountants are not born. They are made through the years with lots of hard work. Experience matters in this field, as accountants learn more tricks and grow more familiar over time. An accountant who is new to the game might not have seen something before, and without exposure it can be very difficult to find the right tax breaks. You will want to find an accountant who has been around for a good number of years. In addition to just being in the accounting field, that professional should have worked with international companies on their tax matters. This will help you locate a person who will save you money.

Asking the important questions
When you are looking for the best attorney, you should ask some important questions. Ask whether the prospective accountant has worked with various tax structures before. You should find out which tax codes and regulations they are familiar with. Likewise, you ask about any testimonials or customer reviews that they may have. Though an accountant can tell you many things about his or her service, it is hard to really know what you are going to get until you hear it from someone who has employed them before.

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