How to Choose an International Tax Lawyer?

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  2. January 14, 2013 6:31 pm

How to Choose an International Tax Lawyer?

Choosing the Best International Tax Lawyer

If you want to end up with the best results for your business, you need to have the best international tax lawyer. What does it mean, though, to hire the best person? How do you know if one professional is better than another? There are some rules that can apply to many different kinds of lawyers, while there are other suggestions that apply only when you are choosing the best international tax attorney. You should take this choice very seriously, as finding the right lawyer can make the difference in a good result and leaving a lot of money on the table.

Choosing an attorney with good credentials
You should be on the lookout for an attorney who has experience working in the international tax field. Though the perception of the industry from the outside is that any old lawyer can take care of mostly any legal problem, this is not really true. The field is becoming more specialized. You should look for an attorney who has an L.L.M. degree in tax. It would be even better if you could find one of these lawyers who has studied international tax in particular. You might also look for a lawyer who has worked in the field for a certain number of years.

Choosing an attorney with a solid reputation
In addition to finding a lawyer who has the experience in international tax, you will want to find an attorney who has not had any disciplinary action against him. When you contact the state bar in your area, you can find out whether the attorney has been found in violation of any ethics rules. You should look for an attorney with a sterling record, as you cannot afford to take any risks when you are working on complicated international tax issues.

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