The Benefits of Retirement in Belize?

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  2. April 10, 2013 6:35 pm

The Benefits of Retirement in Belize?

The Many Benefits of Retiring in Belize

More and more people are looking to retire in places where they will be able to make the most of life. Though it might seem unconventional, living out the later years outside of the United States can be a very good idea financially. With that in mind, many are turning their attention to Belize as a potential destination. The reasons for this should be relatively easy to understand, as the country has plenty to offer. From good landscapes to a low cost of living, Belize is a place where people get significant bang for their buck.

The beauty of Belize
There is no question that Belize is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Its tropical climate offers wonderful weather that is perfectly suited for people trying to get away from the cold. In addition, there is tremendous geographic diversity to provide for many potential adventures.

The economic benefits of living in Belize
Many places are beautiful. Not many places provide the sorts of incentives that this country does, though. Belize has some special laws that allow expatriates to live in the country with no taxation. People who have pensions of $3,000 or more per month can live in Belize without having that money taxed. This works out well for the country, as it allows people to spend their cash in the local businesses. The benefits to the retiree are clear, too, as they get to keep more of their money.

The tax incentives are not the only things making Belize a top-notch place to spend a few years in retirement. The cost of living is incredibly cheap, leaving individuals with the ability to live like kings without having to be rich. This can be very appealing for those who want to enjoy a leisurely lifestyle.

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